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              What are the differences between the PC hollow sheet and lighting boards?

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              About PC hollow sheet and lighting boards, we know not a little about them now, but there are many people who are not quite clear about the difference between the two, so now let’s introduce the difference between the PC hollow sheetand the lighting board:

              Generally speaking, the lighting board selected data should be FRP, and the sPC hollow sheet selection information is PC. The lighting board is made of aluminum profile fastener, and the wave lighting board adopts the lighting board bracket and self tapping screw to connect and fix, and then glue and seal. The orientation of the lighting board is generally arranged in the midspan.

              But the lighting function is both common functions, in contrast, during which the PC hollow sheet lighting function and lighting board has some good weather and good acid and alkali resistance, not easy to be acid corrosion, the production process is not the same, the sun is in the process of extrusion, slightly complex FanLuan some. The connection between the lighting board and the tapping screw must be done through the cover plate. The hot and cold deformation of sunlight plate is large, and it is simply broken by self tapping nail, so the sunlight plate should open big hole when tapping self tapping pin. When installing a lighting board, consider the flexibility of the lighting board.

              The sun is in the lighting board during a lighting plate, most is the sunshine plate made of FRP is PC (polycarbonate) made of a PC board, the warranty period is 10 years and 15 years, and FRP lighting plate good warranty period of 20 years, 25 years. In contrast, although the thermal conductivity of the light panel is lower than that of the sun plate, the day lighting plate is generally single layer, and the heat conductivity is higher than that of the PC hollow sheet . That is to say, if the sun shines in summer, the indoor temperature under the lighting board should be higher. Transmittance, carrying capacity, in general, the 2 are satisfied.


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