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              You do not yet know the widespread use of PC solid sheet

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              Now for the clarity of the light shade, durability, safety, many manufacturers will turn the choice of the train shade in the defense of the fire resistance, impact resistance, permeability, plasticity and other aspects of the super pc solid sheet.Not only to make the safety of the train forward, but also to make all the energy level of the train to optimize, PC solid sheet lamp shade is usually placed in the larger places, because these places basically require safety for the first, security is everything Other work orderly development of the basic premise, and PC solid sheet impact resistance for the most plastic; it is easy to loading and unloading, durable, easy to be damaged, easy to manage, do not often need to protect the replacement, both economical and practical, can save a lot of fee.

              According to past experience, the general use of the train on the acrylic or glass, it is simply damaged. In order to change the train lighting, security of this situation, the designer initially looking for alternative information, on the one hand hope that passengers to protect public facilities, on the one hand to prepare for the safety of the train to improve. Therefore, now will use the safety of the impact of a very good PC sheet as a shade.

              With the pc solid sheet to do light box lights light stability, and excellent permeability, but also a beautiful. Even after a violent impact, the train used on the polycarbonate solid sheet will not be broken and injured passengers, so that both the safety of passengers, but also to ensure the safe and orderly normal operation of the train.


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