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              The reason for adding UV coating to the polycarbonate sheet

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              Polycarbonate hollow sheet, solid sheet are generally called PC sheet, with the continuously expanded new use category, PC sheet is often used outside, and often shine by the sun, and there are lots of ultraviolet ray in sunlight, so, with time goes by, how it affect the sheet and ourselves?

              Firstly, it will harm the pc sheet itself, we all know that the PC sheet’s first produced material is polycarbonate, and it itself does not have capability to resistant to UV damage, need to add ultraviolet UV coating when producing the PC sheet then it can have very good UV protection effect. While it touches ultraviolet light shine for a long time, can accelerate the oxidation and embrittlement of PC sheet and the speed of yellowing, and greatly reduces the PC sheet’s excellent features, such as good impact resistance, good light transmittance will be greatly affected, serious can cause the sheets break, etc, and then the life time for the sheet is reduced, then increased the cost of changing the sheet.

              Followed by regional items for protection of PC sheet and damage to the human body, it can make furniture and furnishings to speed up the aging and uv fade, if used in the canopy skylight roofing, so hard to ignore the damage of human body, What damage to human body after all, ultraviolet light to shine, the degree of injury is in direct proportion to the time, with shining source is inversely proportional to the square of the interval, and light projection point of view.

              So, hebei unique advocates that in order to extend the life time of the sheet, in order to even the using of the economy of the sheet, in order to themselves and the family’s health, we advocate each customer when purchasing sheet pls choose the sheet containing 50um high light transmission poycarbonate hollow sheet and solid sheet.


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