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Published: January 2010
last updated: March 2011
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++++The visit

Pontevès Pontevès, one of the numerous perched villages of Var has a rich medieval history. If you are traveling by D560 and notice the round towers of its castle, don’t resist to a temptation to spend an hour walking through quiet narrow streets and enjoy medieval ruins. Unlike many villages in Provence, Pontevès does not have any souvenir shops, museums or art exhibits; however, you will be pleasantly surprised to see brown fleshes showing direction to the places of historical interest. Among them are the ruins of a XI century castle (that still belong to the descendents of one of the oldest noble families of Provence), rests of ancient ramparts and an oil-mill. You can also visit the XVII century church St. Gervais et St. Protais famous for its interior design (six of its altar pieces are protected as historical landmarks) and look for nine oratories on the streets of the village.


Territory of the village was already inhabited in prehistoric era. The village history, however, begins in XI century, when Pontevès appears in chrnicles as a centre of an important seigniory and a stronghold of the family Pontevès. Due to the plague and other troubles of XIV century the population deserts the village in 1433. In the end of XV century Bertrand de Pontevès invites the inhabitants of Italian town Montegrosso to move to Pontevès, promising to exempt them from taxes for twenty years. In 1650 the castle of Pontevès was sold to the entrepreneur Pierre Maurel, who ordered its renovation. However, at the time of French Revolution the castle lays again in ruins. Nowadays the villagers live primarily of agriculture.

++++Practical information

Pontevès is situated right next to the crossing of D560 and D554 from Brignoles to Barjols.
Free parking available in front of the town-hall.
The village is not accessible by public transport.
The closes airports are Nice and Marseille-Provence.

You will find the local farmers’ market every Friday morning on the place des Martyrs du Bessillon.

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