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Published: January 2010
last updated: March 2011
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++++The visit

This cozy perched village is a good destination for those planning to spend their vacation in the Natural Regional Park of Verdon. From its highest point – chapel Saint Pierre – you will discover a marvelous view on lake St. Croix and plateau of Valensole famous for endless lavender fields. The centre of the village has preserved its traditional look with the narrow paved streets, communal wash-houses and the central square with a fountain. From the central square opens another beautiful view on the church of St. Georges and the castle. The date of construction of the castle is unknown. It has changed many hands before in 1606 it was reconstructed by Balthasar de Gauthier. Despite subsequent transformations, the castle met XX century in quite a bad state. In 1989 it was finally sold to the heirs of Marquis de Foresta and has undergone another massive renovation. Nowadays the castle rests in private property and is closed to visits.


Like many sites in Provence, Aiguines was first inhabited in a prehistoric era. The chronicles of XI century mention fortified “Castrum de Aquina”. In the Middle Age the village has been in the possession of four noble families of Provence: first the lords of Baux, then de Blacas (the lords of Aups, one of the branches of the house of Baux), later de Gauthier and finally de Sabran – one of the most ancient and noble houses of Languedoc. In XVI century Aiguines, laying in the middle of rich forest, was inhabited by wood turners; there were two steam-machine factories, the main product of which were wooden balls for petanque. These balls, produced until 1920s in Aiguines are now collectors’ rarity.

++++Practical information

Public transport: Aiguines is only accessible by the bus-line 1101 Aups-Aiguines.
The closest SNCF railway stations: Draguignan (55 km), Manosque (65 km).
Airport: Aiguines is situated at the equal distance from Marseille Provence and Nice Airports (130 km).
Parkings in the village are free of charge.
You will find craft-shops of pottery, woodwork, leather, etc. Village market – every Tuesday on the main square.

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