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Published: January 2010
last updated: March 2011
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++++The visit

We highly recommend this village to the lovers of authentic Provence. Twenty kilometers from Lake St. Croix and almost hundred kilometers from La cascade the coast, this little village in the department of Var is known to tourists thanks to a 42-meter high waterfall. It is easy to find the waterfall following an alley from medieval ramparts of the village down to the valley. This pleasant walk will take about 10 minutes will take you through an olive-tree garden, wild fields, where in spring and summer you will see all kinds of flowers and along an ancient stone-wall. In summer season children can enjoy a donkey ride down to the waterfall.

After the visit to the waterfall, take your time in the village that has preserved its provincial form and lifestyle. The village has several historical monuments: medieval ramparts, church St. Etienne (until the French Revolution – chapel St. Etienne, famous for a relic of the saint brought from one of the crusades). The village castle was originally built in the high middle age, destroyed during the French Revolution and rebuilt by Roland de Sillans in 1800. Now the castle – a large rectangular building – hosts the town-hall and numerous art expositions. Walking through the village you will still see some medieval houses. Dive into the atmosphere of old Provence: narrow streets, cats sleeping on the sun, flower-adorned windows and stairs, open doors.


According to archeological artifacts, Sillans was inhabited in the prehistoric period and later in the roman times. However, little is known about its history until XI century, when the name Silan (in provencal Cillan) appears in the chronicles. Sillans belonged first to the feudal of Les-Baux-de-Provence, later to the house of Pontèves, later the castle and the lands around it were bought by the family Roland and after the French Revlution have ended in the hands of the family de Castellane-Esparon. 1992 the castle was bought by village-council and currently belongs to the village.

++++Practical information

Sillans-la-Cascade is situated next to the departmental road D560 connecting Dranguignan and Barjols.
Free parking outside of the village
The closest railway station: Draguignan
Accessible by bus from the nearby towns (Aups (line 1404), Salernes (line 1106))
The village has two restaurants (“Les Pins” and “La Cascade”), one bakery and one grocery store, as well as a local market on Tuesdays and Fridays (until 13:30).

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